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R.T.S. Inc.

Importer and distributor of professional photographic products

Rotolight RL-48B Kits Anova Accessories Gallery News

The Rotolight ANOVA LED EcoFlood is the “ next generation “ of Studio and Location lighting system, giving 110 Degrees of warm, even coverage.


This is the future of Professional lighting!

Anova puts out the light equivalent of a 1000 watt tungsten bulb but uses only 38 watts of power at full output. ANOVA is a bi-color LED system and is capable of accurately reproducing white light from candlelight through to full daylight. ANOVA features full wired DMX control, V-Lock battery mount, WiFi, and Magic Eye ( patent pending ).

Rotolight’s new ‘ Magic Eye ‘ allows the user for the first time to accurately

“ sample “ the color of ambient light in a room using an iPhone or iPad, and transmit that reading to the ANOVA light, which will accurately reproduce it. This revolutionary technology will also enable users to remotely measure color temperature and transmit that across the world to another studio, enabling synchronization of color both on location as well as the studio. In addition, the Magic Eye app allows the user to control either single or multiple Anova’s , and incorporates features such as fade, dimming, and color temperature control.

A single control lets the user Dial through all working parameters, such as Brightness, Color Temperature, WiFi, DMX, and Magic Eye.

· World’s first WiFi equipped light. Wirelessly controls brightness, color temperature, and, system settings.

· Operates either via a mains universal voltage plug or V-Mount battery.

· Revolutionary ‘ Magic Eye ‘ technology, which uses iPhone/iPad to accurately measure/adjust color temperature, and brightness, and wirelessly transmit color settings to Anova.

· Wired DMX control of all interactive parameters

· V-Lock Battery Mount for location use. 3 hour continuous run time on a 98mAh battery at full power. No loss of color temperature or brightness as battery power diminishes.

· Accessories to include Barn Doors as well as a honeycombed louver system to “ direct “ the light, as well as additional color filters.

· Anova EcoFlood uses 93% less energy than a standard Tungsten bulb.

· Firmware update Port.


Variable Color Temperature Range:

3120 K to 5680 K (Equivalent to 1000 watt Tungsten)

Power Consumption: 38 Watts Beam Angle :110 Degrees


(w) 335mm x (H) 391mm x ( D) 85mm ( with Barn Doors Attached )


Body Only-- 5 Kg ( 11 Lbs )

Case-- 2.5 Kg ( 5.5 Lbs )

Yoke-- 1 Kg ( 2.2 Lbs ) fitted to body as standard equipment

Barn Doors--1 Kg ( 2.2 Lbs )

Lux/Lumens/Footcandles :

1m = 2028 Lux/5425 Lumen/188 Footcandles

Supplied With :

( 1 ) 216 Full Diffuser

( 1 ) 250 2/3 Diffuser

( 1 ) 1/8 CTO

( 1 ) 1/8 CTB

( 1 ) 1/8 Plus Green

( 1 ) Minus Green ( All filters manufactured by Lee )

( 1 ) Mount: Yoke with TVMP Bracket.

Optional Accessories :

Barn Doors

Flight/Travel Case

Add on Color Filter Pack

Replacement Filter Pack

Universal AC/DC Adaptor


For Professional Photographers, Financing is now available on Anova Purchases payments can be as low as $84.00 a month! click below for more information:


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