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Photo Eventer

Contact us: 631-242-6801
Email: rtsinc@rcn.com

R.T.S. Inc.

Importer and distributor of professional photographic products


The newly re-introduced Billingham Photo Eventer clearly shows Billingham at the top of their craft.

The PhotoEventer is available in:

Khaki with Tan leather trim   


                                                                    The first and most easily discerned feature of the Photo Eventer is the                                                                        ample use of top grain leather to cover the entire bottom 1/3 of the                                                                              bag…front, rear, bottom, and sides. Like all Billingham bags, only top                                                                          grain leather is used, which will guarantee the user years and years of                                                                        rugged and dependable use. 
As in all Billingham  products, only the best of materials are used in it’s manufacturer: In addition to the top grain leather, solid brass is used for all metal fittings, ( including extra long YKK Zip pulls for use with gloves)  the entire bag is weather-proofed by using a 3 mil layer of polypropylene which is sandwiched between the top and bottom layer of fabric, as well as all leather edging, Military Spec webbing on the carry strap, and closed-cell foam on all interior materials.
The Photo Eventer is a larger bag, and can accommodate a full multi-body DSLR Kit, including a wide variety of lenses. (see examples of sample configurations below)
Two large front “ dump “ pockets measure a generous 9 inches ( high ) x  7 inches ( wide ) …( inside dimensions )  These pockets are ideal for cables, cords, connectors,  batteries, memory device, and will even fit a small tablet, such as a Kindle, or a mini iPad.
The rear of the bag boasts a full length zip compartment, measuring 10 inches high x 14 inches wide, ideal for a tablet, netbook, or magazine.
The large front flap entirely covers the upper portion of the bag, and secures to the main body of the bag with Billingham’s famous “ clog bolt “ fastening system. This flap also covers the front dump pockets, which are expandable utilizing a secure buckle system.
The interior of this capacious bag features from the top, Billingham’s  "Tuk-Top" System, which allows the photographer to keep the interior zip closure either in place, providing view-proof access to the bag, or enable the side panels to be easily tucked out of the way, for complete and easy access to the bag’s interior.
The interior of the bag measures 10 inches high x 14 inches wide, x 4 inches deep. These interior measurements include the amply padded removable interior.
The Photo Eventer is shipped with:
SP-50 Shoulder Pad.


Dimensions ( exterior )
Width      Depth      Height      Capacity       MSRP
15 3/8     8 1/4"       12"           13 liters     
      $ 795.00



Billingham "Photo Eventer"

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